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Shenzhen Alliance PCM Technologies Limited and its 100% owned manufacturing arm; Dongguan Alliance PCM Energy Saving Limited were primarily involved in the manufacturing and application of Phase Change Material (PCM) in the China¡¯s HVAC industry. Our company¡¯s PCM Technology was imported from Environmental Process Systems Limited (¡°EPS¡±) of the United Kingdom. EPS is a world renowned PCM manufacturer.

After the successful launching of its 8C PCM FlatICE products in China in 2012, Alliance Energy Saving Group (¡°Alliance¡±) has, since then, commissioned many projects for its clients in China. Most of our clients are in the manufacturing industry and our products have saved them over 30 percent in energy cost.

Alliance specializes in providing total energy saving solution by utilizing our proprietary "Phase Change Material-Thermal Energy Storage" System ("PCM-TES"). Our PCM freezes at 8 degree C and therefore highly suitable for Central Air Conditioning System in general. By capitalizing on China's electricity tariff structure, our PCM-TES system can store the cold energy during off-peak hours usually is (00:00-08:00) when the rate is 3X lower than the peak hours. During on-peak hours, the chillers, cooling towers and cooling water pumps will be shut down temporarily and the cold energy will be released from our PCM-TES to satisfy loading. Put it in another way, our client is "buying ¡°the cold energy when it is cheapest and then using it during the most expensive time period. Evidently, our PCM-TES is capable to reduce our client's energy bill in air-conditioning by a significant margin.


Kevin Lee 
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lee co-founded Shenzhen Alliance and Dongguan Alliance with Tommy Xu, Chief Technical Officer in 2011. Mr. Lee helps manage the company¡¯s strategic direction, as well as develop major business partnerships and business development. He also represents Environmental Process Systems Ltd and stationed in China as its Resident Director ¨C Greater China Region. Mr. Lee business relationship/partnership with Mr. Zafer Ure of EPSUK was dated back to 2006. Mr. Lee earned his Master of Arts degree from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA and after graduation joined the Fidelity Investments, a world renowned investment management company for 8 years as Investment Director. Mr. Lee was then headhunted to join a New York based family office as its Chief Investment Officer for Far East Region for several years. He was also on the Board of Director of a main-board listed company in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; China Assets Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 170). During his tenure as an investment professional, Mr. Lee travelled extensively and worked in Boston, London, Tokyo and New York. He is of British Nationality and Citizenship and currently residing in Hong Kong and Shenzhen/Dongguan, China. 

Tommy Xu Jia Tan

Chief Technical Officer

Tommy co-founded Shenzhen Alliance and Dongguan Alliance with Mr. Kevin Lee. Mr. Xu received intensive on-the-job training by Chief Chemist from EPSUK in the following areas in PCM production:

1. Design and establish of production facility

2. Management of production facility

3. Production Process of PCM

4. sample testing technique of PCM finished products

5. Set up of research and testing laboratory

Since then, Tommy was also responsible for improvement and upgrading of production methodology and process by incorporating purpose-built equipment. Prior to co-founding this venture, Tommy helped to manage his family business in the internal design and decoration business. Tommy has been awarded many patents under his name jointly with Kevin. Tommy came from a big family with hometown at Chaozhou and currently residing in Dongguan.


About Entropy Solutions
Entropy Solutions LLC is a biobased specialty chemical company with offices in Plymouth, Minn., and Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Entropy Solutions has been producing PureTemp, the world¡¯s first 100% renewable phase change material, since 2007. These patented PCMs, developed in three years of research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are used in a wide variety of temperature-control applications, from cooling vests and warming blankets to refrigerators and thermal energy storage tanks. Derived from 100 percent sustainable sources such as animal fat and plant oil, PureTemp is nontoxic and biodegradable. It is engineered to maintain more than 200 different transition temperatures with consistent, repeatable performance.


Dr. Albury joined Entropy Solutions in August 2013 after earning her Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Alabama, where she specialized in the total synthesis of biologically active natural products. At Entropy Solutions she uses her synthetic and analytical skills to develop new PCMs with enhanced capabilities. She earned her bachelor of science degree in chemistry at University of Alabama, where she was an outstanding track and field athlete, specializing in the shot put and hammer throws. She earned numerous athletic and academic awards during her time at the Capstone. She was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, and has represented the Bahamas in numerous international sporting events.